Know the FACES

Don't wonder who you are working with, as much as we are proud
of our ethics and quality we bring to the plate, we are prouder of
the team which helps us push through.

Gaurav Jaggi

(Clients Support & Operations Head)

Very popularily known as JAGS, spot him scratching his head while he tries to get high on COFFEE, finds wings and struggles to complete his unorganized task-list & if you ever feel low, feel free to write to this REDBULL.

Himanshu Saxena

(Marketing Head)

Better known as the SPINE of this company, the man of less words, the ZEN one with a beer glass, he is the one making sure we reach you, so that there’s no loss of those $$$ bills, y’all.


(Research & Business Analyst)

Honestly, if we can get her off Valorant playing Reyna enough, she brings the best methods to maximise your profits to the table. Username: ANKXIETY on valorant and let's have a win together. Accepting skins and blades.

Sunil Gill

(The Finance Guy)

If you have worked with us, you know how accurate we are, quite literally; to every CENT! Well, here’s our secret out to the world, it’s because of this crazy freak who looks like the younger brother of HULK, at his best.